Justin Williams is the leader we need for Madison City Council District 15

"Over the past decade, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of knowing Justin as a friend and colleague. I’ve witnessed Justin grow in his profession and as an advocate for social justice.

Justin makes his career choices based not on what is most convenient or lucrative – he chooses to pour himself into work that he knows will have the greatest impact and serve the greatest good.

From his time spent working to elect candidates who believe in helping those in need, to his current mission to grow one of Wisconsin’s most important grassroots nonprofits, Justin is that rare person who has demonstrably changed our community for the better.

He was engaged in the fight for marriage equality, he serves as a board member for OPEN (Out Professional Engagement Network), he serves as the secretary for the Lake Edge Neighborhood Association, and he’s logged countless hours helping with community events. He never shies away from standing up for what he believes in, and has been “out and loud” in the community for many years. I respect the courage he’s demonstrated by living life as his true self – and thriving while doing so.

I am excited to see what challenges Justin will pursue next. His impact at such a young age indicates the potential for even greater things. I know he will continue to fight for vulnerable people and communities, serve with humility and passion, and cement his legacy as one of our communities most dedicated activists.

That's why I'm endorsing Justin Williams for City Council District 15."

-- Corey Gresen, Eastmorland Neighborhood


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