Justin Williams: The Time for Change is Now

Justin Williams is a homeowner and an active resident of the 15th district. His passion for social justice, his commitment to giving back, and his dedication to making Madison, our state, and our world better have been a part of all that he’s done.

Currently, he serves as the Campaign Manager at Community Shares of Wisconsin, one of the nation’s leading social, environmental, and racial justice fundraising organizations where he has worked for the past seven years.

Justin has been involved in a number of local and statewide campaigns (Court of Appeals, Attorney General, Madison City Council), both as paid staff and as a volunteer including JoAnne Kloppenburg’s 2011 campaign for Supreme Court.

He attended UW Milwaukee where he studied Political Science, Justin was active in politics and social justice issues during college. He interned for Governor Jim Doyle, volunteered on the Obama Campaign, and worked for the Center for Urban Initiatives and Research where he conducted studies to combat aggressive behaviors in public schools and studied the LGBTQ+ homeless youth issue.

Justin grew up in the small town of Livingston in southwest Wisconsin, where he ran for Assembly at age 19. His family is a union family, and Justin learned the importance of organizing and the strength of the labor movement from grandfather and other family members who worked in the trades. Justin was encouraged to be involved in the life of his town: whether it was delivering groceries to the its elderly residents or volunteering for prairie restoration, Justin understood the importance of giving back.

As Alder, Justin will build on his longstanding dedication to community. He’ll stand up for the interests of the people he represents, he’ll continue his commitment to promoting social justice, he’ll be a champion for Citywide efforts on equity, and he’ll be a careful steward of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Justin has a story he shares about a time in high school when he signed up to play football but didn't want to continue halfway through the season. His father advised him to keep going, saying "You always finish what you start."  That's exactly what Justin is doing.  He's started his work to give back, support our community, and do what is right....and he isn't finished yet.


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