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Construction Engineer

Public Safety

Public safety is a primary concern for residents in District 15. Be it issues on the southern end of the district near La Follette High or concerns on the northern end in the Hawthorne Neighborhood, the community is looking for a leader to take action and address its concerns. District 15 needs a leader who will take a holistic approach to tackling public safety concerns and who understands the entire city’s issues. I will be that leader for our district and our city. I know that public safety, affordable housing, public transportation, and economic development are interconnected challenges that we must view through an equity lens.


As Madison continues to grow, we need to focus on new transportation options and make sure to view them through an equity lens. I support the creation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which Madison Metro describes as “a high-frequency limited-stop transit system that offers faster more direct service using larger vehicles to increase capacity.” We need to collaborate with the state and county to make BRT a reality.  We need to invest in infrastructure to strengthen our current system. Public transportation is an equity issue – we must make sure routes reach areas that are underserved. Paratransit services were cut due to changes at the state level. I will work with the disability community to explore ways to mitigate those reductions.

Economic Development

Publications generate rankings of cities based on a number of factors – retirees, raising a family, millennials, tech start-ups, and the like. The rankings help attract attention to cities and help define that city when it comes to living, working, and recreation. Madison has appeared, and continues to appear atop of many of those rankings.  I think Madison’s brand is strong, but city government must to continue to work collaboratively with community stakeholders like businesses, developers, the university, Madison College, local nonprofits, and civic organizations to continue to improve the business climate. It is imperative we strengthen what is working and improve what isn’t. Inclusion and equity sits atop that to do list – Madison’s high lifestyle rankings should be relevant to everyone, not just a select few.

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